We often take risks in business, but forget about that when it comes to digital transformation

Nataša Ćurić Martinčević
 July 19, 2018.

A question that many companies ask themselves these days is “when to call a digital consultant”? We do not have a crystal ball, but if you recognize yourself in one of the following situations, we can tell you that the time has come for you to hire a person who will provide a more courageous future to your business, and therefore – survival.

At many business conferences in recent months, it was possible to hear that the time for Digital Transformation is now. If we ask consultants about this, who always need to be a few steps ahead, they will agree, because consulting is the largest base of digital experience and knowledge. Firstly, they had to transform themselves in order to be able to consult others, and that is why numerous world companies use financial advisors, strategy, risk management, and digitization advisors. While some consulting firms offer a narrow section of specialty, there is an increasing number of those with a multidisciplinary approach. It seems that the convergence trend has also affected consulting, and with it, digital consulting.

Pilotless Airplane If you do not have a person responsible for Digital Transformation yet, you have to search for or appoint one. The Chief Digital Officer (CDO) is a key person who can significantly boost the efficiency of transformation and therefore the choice should be anything but routine employment. Digital consulting can help companies in defining needs and quality in terms of size, environment, and activity, and they often hide internal talent and CDO candidates, but they need to be recognized.

Everyday Plan Digital transformation is a very tough process. Easy for those who know, painful for those who think to pass by it. It requires goals assessment, direct management, and employee involvement, and therefore you need a digital consultant specializing in transformation. Failure is present both in large and smaller companies, which is why the initial investment is much smaller compared to t losses caused by improvisation.

Nothing without strategy One of the most common reasons for involving consultants in the company is to help develop a strategy. It requires a thorough analysis of the current state, the business environment, the client’s desire for change, and the likelihood of success. In digital strategy, the focus is more often concentrated on internal processes. Whether it includes pre-digital products or just digitalization of work processes, depends simply on the nature of the business, and executive teams need to be led by the proposed priorities.

How to stay ahead? On the business horizon, many companies and startups are struggling to invest in new technologies. The main problem is the recurring solutions, while success is reserved for those hungry for innovations. Digital consultants have a great understanding and feel of the market, they know the areas where the competition is too strong but also less developed but highly potential. That is why they can give the best recommendation for company development.

Marketing, but digital marketing Marketing has changed so much in the last few years that many companies have spontaneously, and without the appropriate strategy, started to accept new solutions. Since the elemental use of digital technologies does not deliver the desired results, it is prudent to seek the help of digital PR agencies or employ a person who will be completely dedicated to digital marketing.

Hostile takeover Dynamics of company development at one time requires expanding, and consultants can be of use in finding a potential merger partner. The task of the financial and development team is to adequately identify the value of the interest, but also the risk factors that can potentially lead to a problem. And while we recommend taking outsider advice,   experience says that negotiations should still rely on inner strengths.

Laboratory Product and service development is not easy because it requires forecasts up to several years in advance. Let’s compare today’s smartphones, which at the moment of release already have up to two generations in the making. The workplace of these processes is their own laboratories, that can today be considered as a regular part of the company’s infrastructure, and there is an increasing number of companies that, besides experts in research centers, increasingly involve the users. With the Design Thinking approach, digital consultants who increasingly apply this ubiquitous method, can get feedback on the service prototype and modify and adapt to user needs on time.

When a laboratory is not sufficient Laboratory approach is great when you are not working on the product for the first time, but lack of experience and “digital” thinking has proved too many times as a cause of initial failure. Digital consultants already know what will resonate with potential customers and what will not. Initially, it is not bad to empower the workgroup and strengthen the capacity with several advisors that will reduce the number of failed solutions.

Digitization processes today have no alternative. Digital consulting is the answer of the consulting sector to this burning topic. The traditional question of when to call a consultant is as old as consulting. And while you decide to postpone certain issues, it is clear that delay in transformation processes can sometimes be decisive for survival. Hence, we hope that previous tips will be useful so that the time spent on failure will be reduced to the lowest level.