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Nikola Glavaš

Nikola Glavaš

Team Manager

Senior consultant in Finance advisory department focused on tasks involving investment project development and identification of sources of financing, valuation of businesses, mergers and acquisitions, preparation of feasibility and investment studies, as well as business plans. Key expert for cost-benefit analysis (CBA) with extensive experience acquired by working on infrastructure investment projects in various sectors (health, business, RDI, water, and sewerage) worth over 300m EUR.

He has gained extensive experience in conducting business valuations, growth and cash-flow forecasting, cost-benefit analysis, including complex financial modelling as well as qualitative and quantitative risk analysis, all for the purposes of providing a basis for strategic decision-making in investment undertakings.

Nikola graduated from the Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Zagreb and has attended cost-benefit analysis training at the Centre for Industrial Studies at Milano, Italy.

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