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Goran Momčilović

Goran Momčilović

Executive Director

Goran is the head of the smart administration department, in charge of advising the public sector with the aim of optimizing the system and providing professional assistance. In addition to leading the team, he is operationally involved in strategic urban planning projects, especially in the segment of the smart city concept. He participates in projects for the preparation of feasibility studies for investment/infrastructure projects of local and regional importance, providing technical assistance to state administration bodies, and ensuring the digitalization of business processes of local and regional self-government units.

He completed his graduate university studies in history and sociology at the Faculty of Philosophy in Zagreb. Goran gained work experience as an intern in Brussels on human rights, civil society, and Croatia’s accession to the EU, in the National Foundation in the preparation of calls and monitoring the implementation of approved projects and in the programming of EEA and Kingdom of Norway funds. In addition, he was actively involved in advisory bodies for the development of volunteering at the national level and organized study visits on local development in Brussels for the needs of Croatian local governments.

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