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Andrijana Parić

Andrijana Parić

Senior Executive Director

Andrijana has more than 18 years of professional experience in consulting various clients from the private and public sectors in the area of strategic planning and organizational development, process management and business reorganization, project management, regional policy and socio-economic development in the EU in general. Andrijana has led projects in public and private sectors in Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and South Africa.

Her area of specialization is analysis and organization of business processes, digital transformation, process planning and programming, project implementation and evaluation. Also, Andrijana is an expert on Design Thinking methodology, local development and regional policy of the EU and is a longtime trainer and lecturer in various national and international educational programs.

She graduated in philosophy and sociology at the University of Zagreb and completed MA ” European Union’s Joint Master’s Degree for transition areas” at the University of Trento (IT), Ljubljana (Slovenia), Budapest (HU) and Regensburg (DE). At the University of Connecticut (USA), Department of International Relations, Andrijana became a certified trainer and consultant for organizational development and strategic planning, and at the Institute of Hasso Planter, at the School of Design Thinking, at the University of Potsdam (DE), she acquired a license for Design Thinking mentor and trainer. Andrijana actively speaks the English language.

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