We helped the regional leader to build a new factory

finding the optimal location for a greenfield investment



One of the largest regional companies was looking for the optimal location for launching a greenfield investment – building a new factory in the food industry.



Apsolon has conducted a detailed environmental analysis so that the investor could make a better business decision. First of all, two countries of the region have been analyzed in order to choose a country that has a better structure of incentives for launching such an investment, whereby investments in the territory of the Republic of Croatia proved to be more profitable. Then, 93 potential locations (entrepreneurial zones) in the Republic of Croatia were analyzed, taking into account a wide range of parameters (land price, traffic connectivity, investment incentive share, available labor force, zone equipment, wastewater treatment plant, number of entrepreneurs in the zone, local level facilitation, the share of local self-government units in the ownership structure and qualitative ratings from the national, regional and local levels) as well as a number of specific parameters important to investor.



With the project implementation, the investor received the basis of analysis necessary for making a better business decision. Based on the results of the project, the investment itself was carried out and the factory had impressive business growth in the few years after its opening – 70 new jobs and almost 50 million HRK of revenue.