We have provided 1.5 million euros for financing the regional biotechnology center

biotechnological research in agriculture



The agricultural secondary vocational school wanted to improve the learning and working conditions of its students and teachers and enable them to learn about the most advanced technologies in plant cultivation through practice.



A Regional Center for Biotechnological Research and Development in Agriculture was designed for entrepreneurs and students from the wider Slavonian Counties. In order to strengthen the school’s potential for research and development and entrepreneurship counseling, a project partnership was established with entrepreneurial support and scientific research institutions. The project was co-funded by the IPA Business Infrastructure Fund.



The project was successfully funded by  1.5 million EUR.  3 buildings with a total area of over 2.000m2 were built, including the most advanced micro-propagation laboratory in the country and a number of other modern laboratories, equipped with classrooms and offices of the new Center, greenhouses with the capacity of over 3,000 seedlings were raised. The school is today considered one of the most advanced vocational schools in the Republic of Croatia and has become a regional center for vocational education competence in the field of agriculture.