The revival of the Croatian Counties’ s Economy

we have improved the business of an entrepreneurial development center and a technology park



The city authorities plan to build a new development center and technology park for small and medium-sized enterprises with the goal of promoting entrepreneurship and to encourage research, development, and innovation in the four targeted industry sectors. In order to make this institution more tailored to the needs of entrepreneurs, a management model, a strategy for action, a targeted sector analysis, and development of support programs for future developers and technology parks should have been developed. The key objective of the city authorities was to provide a functional organization and a competitive offer for the users so that the new leading infrastructure and development park would attract leading small and medium-sized businesses in targeted industrial sectors, that are the drivers of industrial development in the region.



Apsolon’s team specializing in business model development and development strategies has methodically tackled problem-solving to propose an optimal business model of a technology park that is responsive to the real needs of the company in the targeted industry sectors. In the beginning, a benchmark analysis of leading regional technology parks and analysis of their business models and bids was made in order to define the optimal business model and organizational structure of the technology park. Subsequently, sectoral analysis of priority industries and needs of companies in these sectors was developed. Based on these analyses, a strategy for action, a technology transfer strategy, an organizational structure, and a proposal for a development center and technology park, as well as a support program for technology park users have been developed.



Through a successful collaboration with Apsolon, the client has established a modern and competitive development center and technology park that has become the home of many fast-growing companies that are the cornerstones of industrial development of the region. Technological park users enjoy the many benefits of support programs developed within the project, especially those aimed at increasing research, development and innovation activities and technology transfer.