The first Croatian Design Thinking project in public administration

the largest regional statistical institute (design) sprints to innovation



The client – a state institution which’s one of the basic tasks is implementing different research, plans to digitize certain processes that should be used by many citizens. After the pilot project was completed and the results were lower than expected, the project team responsible for improving results hired Apsolon’s experts as support.



With the proposed, accepted and implemented project, the DT team of Apsolon facilitated the work of the client’s project team of a total of 12 employees from different departments through 12 4-hour sprints. Thanks to the active engagement of the client’s project team, a deep understanding of the key target groups during the 3 months of the project was gained, new in-depth insights on service users were discovered, which the client could use in further work and a series of new ideas for solving the challenge was generated.



Over 60 interviews with real users were conducted during the project, 12 specific persons were created and defined, 12 specific challenges defined, and based on them, over 40 concrete and applicable ideas were generated, 3 of which were prototyped and tested with 12 real potential users. The final delivery to the client included a detailed presentation and a plan of realization of the idea that best addresses the defined needs, but also a detailed report that documented the collected knowledge and which allows the continuation of the independent work of the project team by properly applying the Design Thinking methodology.