Supporting a foreign investor in business expansion in Croatia

from a falter winery to globally recognized brand



Foreign investor entered the Croatian market by buying a small struggling winery in the Adriatic. The long-term goal was to build a new modern winery and brand development in the Croatian and foreign markets, and the only thing the investor had, was the idea.



Based on years of experience, Apsolon’s experts developed a two-year project implementation plan that included a number of activities: finding the land for winery construction, finding an architect for project-technical documentation, obtaining building rights in agricultural land and building permits, finding adequate EU funding sources and project application and implementation. By researching legal regulations and spatial planning documentation, it was found that there was no need to buy new land, which was an initial investor’s plan, but that the winery could be built on agricultural land in his concession. By engaging the best-in-line architect with excellent references in winery sector, a high-quality main project was created as a precondition for the preparation of a project proposal co-financed by EU funds.



The company saved a multi-million amount which was diverted to other project activities. The final result of the project is a modern winery with a capacity of 500,000 bottles of top quality organic wine annually, resulting in a multiple increase in sales revenue.