How we digitally transformed the leading architectural office

revenue grew by 15%, efficiency jumped by 25%



A successful family-owned company faced with a generational change in management. Over 10 years of existence, the small business has grown into a leader without much change in business processes and the business itself, and with an inadequate IT system. The owner’s son decided to empower the company to further growth through modernization and digital business transformation.



Using the ABC Framework, its own methodology for digital business transformation, Apsolon’s experts analyzed business segments focusing on business processes, organization, communication, the collaboration between the central office with operational locations and other key group activities. Based on the analysis results, recommendations for improvements were made and six months of implementation took place, including the selection of the complete BMP system and its implementation, the introduction of modern IT tools for more efficient and simpler operations and the creation of a partnership ecosystem.



After the implementation of the recommendations, the company’s revenue grew by 15%. Simplifying key business processes, performing business procedures and tasks accelerated by 25%, and significantly increased the level of business transparency. With the help of the new executive director who participated in the implementation and the existing team of internal experts, all expectations of the owners were fulfilled and created the foundation for long-term business sustainability.