Research and Development Grants

10 million kunas for innovation in the food industry



One of the leading regional companies faced a challenge of how to finance and timely implement a research and development project of a new product in the food industry segment. Specifically, it was necessary to formalize and regulate the partnership with the leading scientific research organization, conceptualize a project that will at the same time produce satisfactory results (result in a high quality and marketable product of high export potential), financially unburden the company, match the complete product development timeline to the company’s marketing department fast commercialization plan, but at the same time, to provide sufficient productive capacities of a foreign supplier.



Apsolon has participated as an integral part of the client’s team in the preparation of the R & D project, which implies an active role in conceptualizing the project, guiding the scope of the partnership between the client and the scientific research organization, and proposing a model and redefining the relationship with the foreign supplier. Specifically, Apsolon helped define the final product, suggested its additional elements, functionality and final form, in order to increase the likelihood of obtaining non-refundable funds. At the same time, Apsolon has achieved a balance between the requirements of the marketing department, the scope of the research process itself and the administrative tender proposals, so that the completion of the development would be in line with the needs of the company and the risk of return on the minimum is minimal. Finally, Apsolon developed a new model and completely redefined the relationship between the client and his foreign supplier, who will produce one segment in the process of new product commercialization. The relationship with the supplier was formalized in a long-term strategic partnership, whereby a model of co-financing the cost of its production lines was designed, which was an initial obstacle to his business engagement.



The client received over 10 million kunas of non-refundable support, conducted a complex process of research and development of a new product, protected its prototype and designed a comprehensive marketing campaign that will support the product internationalization globally. A framework for long-term cooperation with the leading regional scientific research organization has been established, with the potential to launch new research projects and mutual transfer of knowledge and experience. At the same time, it has completely redefined the business relationship with the foreign supplier, where it is virtually co-opted into the internal value chain, now with radically increased production capacities.