20% productivity uplift

we have implemented a real-time monitoring system of consulting firm business



A consulting firm whose main resources are its employees and their work did not have a clear insight into the actual hours spent on a particular project. Consequently, it was not able to keep track of project profitability, which made it impossible to make business decisions based on actual data.



After a detailed needs analysis, it was decided to implement a comprehensive IT solution that will, in addition to providing insight about projects profitability, provide measurability of other business components. The next step was to explore the market of available, relevant IT tools, their testing, and choosing the optimal solution. In communication with the solution provider, additional optimization needs were identified that had to be tailored to meet the needs of the client. Prior to the implementation itself, employees’ training was held and all the advantages of the new system were presented, and the system implementation was conducted afterward.



After the system implementation, the company has a unique insight into various aspects of project profitability (per project manager, service type, time period, organizational department), allowing strategic decisions based on real numbers. In addition, the same tool has also met other needs such as resource planning options, monitoring sales pipeline, sales tracking, and billing tracking.