Production modernization with EU support

wood-processing company achieved 90% revenue growth



For years, the company has been operating in a rented manufacturing hall, with old machines, and without a developed marketing strategy. In order to develop a stagnant business and become a relevant player in the wood processing industry, it was necessary to raise the level of business, in all it’s segments, at a higher level.



In cooperation with Apsolon’s experts, numerous opportunities for project co-financing have been identified,  both from the EU and national funds. In the first phase, new machines were purchased, a two-year marketing strategy was developed and a business hall was purchased. The purchase of the hall allowed the start of the second phase, ie the construction of a photovoltaic plant and the introduction of energy efficiency measures. In the third stage, the existing hall was upgraded and additional new machines for pre-industrial wood processing were purchased.



With project implementation, the company has modernized and expanded its production facility, which allowed it to triple the production increase and introduced the use of renewable energy sources, which reduced energy costs by 88%. In addition, through its marketing activities, the company has attracted new customers and the synergistic effect of all investments has led to an increase in sales revenue by 90%.