Modernization of mill facility

Up to EUR 3 million in grants trough EU funds



A company with a century-old experience in the milling industry was in need of modernizing and increasing the capacity of the mill plant. Given the high complexity and exceptional value of the project of  60 million  HRK (€ 8 million), the company needed expert assistance in project implementation and finding favorable co-financing sources.



After the initial discussions, it was concluded that the best solution would be to apply on the tender under the Rural Development Program. After extensive preparation and tender application, the project was approved and 3 million EUR was made available and was necessary to justify during the project implementation phase. The implementation of the project included the reconstruction of a part of the mill facility and the procurement and installation of the necessary equipment. This was required by a number of approvals from relevant institutions as well as the selection of these challenging negotiations with equipment suppliers. Along with these activities, it was necessary to carry out on-the-spot controls and submit Claims for Disbursement. This highly demanding project was carried out without financial corrections and the company received the maximum support per tender (EUR 3 million).


In addition to saving € 3m, the company has increased its processing capacity by 45%, upgraded its technological production processes and expanded its existing product range, which had a positive impact on its competitiveness in the mill products market.