Medical Robotics in Neurosurgery

For a small company, we have secured 15 million kuna of non-refundable funds for innovation development



A small company that gained its renown in an extremely demanding nuclear industry has decided to diversify its operations and enter the segment of medical robotics development. Given that the decision implied the inter-industrial transfer of knowledge and technology (the transfer of experience to a new, extremely complex and sophisticated business segment), the key challenge was to find and create a framework of cooperation with renowned partners which will provide additional know-how, but also ensuring project co-financing from nonrefundable funds. 



Apsolon reviewed all the available sources for research and development funding and recommended an application for an identified tender from ESI funds. We took over the entire process of conceptualization and project preparation, which involved the coordination of partner project teams: applicant company and research organization team of Clinical Hospital Center in Croatia. Furthermore, we have developed a business plan and budget that addresses all the needs of such a complex transdisciplinary project that includes hardware and software development for a robotic system for neurosurgery. The support of our experts involved defining the tripartite partnership agreement and intellectual property that is expected as a result of the project, the preparation of complete documentation and support during the evaluation process and project contracting.



After a successful project application submittal and evaluation, the client realized more than 15 million kuna of grants, which directly enabled the realization of the proposed project. With the aforementioned, the company secured diversification and further sustainable business growth expected in the growth of sales, net profit, export, and employment increase.