Introducing the Industry 4.0 concept into the metalworking industry

we have developed an investment implementation model worth 85 million kuna



A group of medium-sized affiliated companies, with activities in the metallurgical industry, faced stagnation of business growth and accelerating competition, which is why the implementation of an ambitious investment cycle worth HRK 85 mil become a necessity. A key challenge was to fund the introduction of modern manufacturing technologies and to research and develop a new product with the aim of implementing the 4.0 industry concept, especially due to limited company credit standing and limited opportunities available in commercial banks.




Apsolon has proposed a 36-month overall investment cycle management model with the goal of maximizing opportunities for co-financing the entire investment cycle from ESI funds and national funding sources, all in order to enable its successful implementation that would not irreversibly burden the current business. Specifically, the investment cycle was segmented by affiliated companies and divided into several independently-executable projects, quality project applications for ESI funds were prepared, support was provided in the process of valuation and contracting of projects, in bank negotiations and closure of financial engineering, implementation of projects and procurement procedures and negotiations with suppliers.



Following the implementation of the recommendations, the investment cycle was successfully implemented after 3 years of intensive work. The company received over HRK 30 mil of grants and tax exemptions, thus secured a third of the capital needed, reduced exposure to commercial banks and radically increased liquidity at the Group level, resulting in more favorable credit conditions. Finally, the company has successfully introduced the industry concept 4.0 into its own business, independently executed a sophisticated research and development project, and set itself on a global map of innovative businesses.