Innovative access to National Heritage

a multimedia visitor center at the foothill of the mountain massif



The National Park Management manages a hard-to-access, but very exciting and diverse park. Most of the year the park is not accessible due to climatic conditions, making it impossible for people with mobility problems and children to experience its beauty.



Apsolon’s experts helped the park management to prepare a visitor’s center development project, which includes multimedia and innovative view of the nature park with a simulation of experiences from the top of the mountain. of experiences and experiences at the top of the mountain. The project has been developed to meet the highest standards of energy efficiency and accessibility for people with special needs. The project proposal for EU funds financing was drafted, which included the coordination of a number of experts in the field of nature protection, museology, architecture, tourism, and financial management. 



The Visitor Center worth 30 million HRK was funded by EU fund in the amount of more than HRK 17 million. It offers 4 floors of an interactive mountain tour experience, including the simulation of the descent into the speleological pit, the experience of climatic conditions at the mountain top in a sensory chamber, the representation of natural habitats and the multimedia educational center. Over 15,000 visitors enjoy this unique experience annually.