HRK 4 million grant to the leading technical-traffic company

to invest in production and creating 75 jobs



A company engaged in the development and production of technological solutions in transport has limited infrastructure and production capacity that does not meet the demand on 47 world markets where the company operates. In order to respond to growing market needs and regulatory requirements, it was necessary to find favorable sources of funding for the planned investment cycle in the construction and equipping of a new production unit.



Apsolon has thoroughly analyzed the client’s CAPEX and paired it with available funding sources to create a financing strategy for planned investments. As a result of the analysis, it was recommended combining financing with bank credit and non-refundable funds from ESI funds. Our experts have created an investment study with the infrastructure component project and the overall project documentation for funding from ESI funds. Support was successfully provided during the valuation and contracting process and all the challenges were addressed  to ensure a positive outcome.



More than HRK 4 million in grants were secured for the increase of spatial and production capacities and the opening of 75 highly qualified jobs. Furthermore, project realization has provided preconditions for future growth and business development and global competitiveness of the company on very demanding tenders for equipping traffic sections with new technological solutions.