How we contributed to Croatia’s regional development

reducing poverty by regenerating 5 cities



Like many European countries, Croatia faces the problem of uneven development and areas lagging behind and needing assistance. The relevant Ministry of Regional Development and EU funds selected 5 cities that need assistance in physical, economic and social regeneration: Beli Manastir, Benkovac, Petrinja, and Vukovar. The main challenge for the central government was to devise a model for investment that will drive the economy and reduce emigration in the most deprived parts of Croatia.



Apsolon’s experts, in close cooperation with the Ministry of Regional Development and EU Funds, the Ministry of Labor and Pension System and in partnership with the cities themselves, have developed “intervention plans” with carefully selected projects. With an innovative approach to planning the development of underdeveloped areas, in a short time, we designed projects that will improve the social image of the city and simultaneously initiate the local economy.




120 million euros from EU funds are available to cities as a part of intervention plans for development projects by 2023, and some of them already have a significant impact on the lives of citizens and entrepreneurs. The City of Vukovar has built a new market on over 3000m2, the City of Petrinja established a GIS for more efficient space management, the town of Benkovac renovates the old town center, and the City of Beli Manastir adjusts the public space for contents intended for children, elderly people, and associations.