Hassle-free public procurement

5 complex procedures conducted in a record time, preventing EU funds from being reclaimed



After the approval of the EU project, it was necessary to implement 5 complex public procurement procedures in an exceptionally short period of time to ensure the project’s success.



Following the approval of the EU project, which was delayed in relation to the initially planned implementation plan, the client had to conduct 5 public procurements in only 2 months, along with his regular activities and procurement procedures, for which he did not have the capacity. Apsolon’s team, made up of experienced and diverse experts, has successfully helped the client to carry out all the actions within a given deadline so that the project dynamics and affordability would not be jeopardized.  Apsolon has a number of certified public procurement experts who can perform a large number of projects in parallel.



With complete control of all the steps in the public procurement procedure, the client was able to respond quickly and in time to all unplanned and sudden changes and demands. The client conducted all 5 public procurement procedures within the deadline and continued the project without the risk of breaking the project deadlines.