From a dwarf to a giant

a blueprint of development strategy and a 30 million HRK grant to a client from the textile industry



A micro-company with only 2 employees, a couple of million HRK of revenue and without production experience, has decided to diversify its business, invest nearly 80 million kunas and launch specialized products in the textile industry, which has been spotted as a micro-trend in demand growth. The company’s creditworthiness was very limited, and the relations between the investors was undefined.



Apsolon has developed an optimal model of a proprietary and corporate structure consistent with long-term business goals and has co-opted an expert with extensive entrepreneurial and managerial experience in the similar business area into the proprietary and managerial structure. An organization chart with job systematization was created and a team structure, necessary for the efficient implementation of the entire project, was proposed.



After the implementation of the recommendations, a successful division of the company and assets was carried out, the optimal corporate structure was defined and a favorable contract with a strategic partner was signed.  The project received a maximum number of possible credits from the EU Funds and received financing of  30 million HRK in grants. Finally, one of the commercial banks decided to financially follow the project, which completely closed its financial structure and created the preconditions for launching production and opening up 12 new jobs.