Financing the growth of the leading wood processing company

178 million kuna of grants for production boost



The leading company of the wood processing industry in the Republic of Croatia invests over 400 million kunas with the aim of strengthening its market position, expansion of production capacities, diversification of product range and construction of a zero-waste facility. The company had previously failed to submit a co-financing project.



In 3 years of cooperation, a number of opportunities for financing the company’s investments have been identified. Complete documentation was prepared for applications for numerous tenders from the European Regional Development Fund, as well for Croatian funds and for bank financing.



With successful bid submissions, Apsolon secured a total of 178 million kunas of aid and closed the financial structure with bank loans. During the project implementation, the company has grown from a staff of 17 and an annual revenue of 136 million kunas to 209 employees and a total of 202 million kunas. Furthermore, the implementation of the new production line will result in an increase of production capacity by 156%, and after the completion of the project, the Company will realize the ultimate goal –  a zero-waste concept of sawdust.