Digitalization of milk production farm

the client became the major supplier to the market leader and increased revenue 5 times



The generational renewal of a company with a long-standing family business in the livestock and dairy sector has resulted in a new investment implementation plan. By implementing a new investment project, the company wanted to expand its own production capacity, increase revenue and streamline its operations in the sensitive and economically important sector in which it operates.



The investment project consisted of two parts; (1) construction of a new dairy cow farm, built in accordance with the design proposal and (2) modernization of the business, which was primarily based on the digitalization of the business. At Apsolon’s suggestion, the client invested in milk production equipment, which is a patented innovation on the market, and which has digitized the entire process of milk production. New milk production equipment is now fully controlling all the production quality parameters, but also the health of dairy cows, and the company has all the data that can direct its business activities accessible in real time. The project implementation lasted for 3 years and was co-financed by the Rural Development Program.



The project implementation resulted in a 460% increase in capacity, making the company one of the most important market leader in milk production. By modernizing its business, the company is able to meet all the qualitative and quantitative requirements of the market, which is also confirmed by a revenue increase of 560%. Business digitalization enabled complete control of the production process and all final product quality parameters, resulting in a 30% reduction of waste and 20% external costs.