Creating a culture of innovating with Design Thinking

how we have revived the creative potential of a leading regional oil company



One of the largest companies operating in the Croatian market has recognized the untapped potential – skilled, educated and experienced employees who can see challenges and solutions and new market opportunities. Given a large number of employees who work on a large number of locations, an IT solution is required that will be motivating to use, which will easily manage a large number of ideas.



Based on the information gathered through a detailed analysis of existing business processes associated to company idea management and preliminary preparatory interviews, the Design Thinking team of Apsolon has organized, implemented and documented a project workshop for finding a solution for a real business challenge. Over 30 company employees from various departments, executives of key areas for implementation were involved in this project, and four design prototypes of potential solutions were created by the Design Thinking methodology, which were then tested by the actual users – other employees of the company.



Implementing a parallel sprint in smaller teams (4 teams per 8 people working with one facilitator) enabled simultaneous adoption of the methodology and tools used in the DT process for 32 employees of the company, as well as delivering 4 potential and tested solutions in a very short time. Based on the insights from the testing but also from later iterations of the generated prototypes, Apsolon’s experts have come up with a set of design principles – recommendations that will provide better results for the ultimate software, as well as a proposal for a new innovation process, together with an IT solution that could and should support it.