Public service on a click

how to digitally transform public administration



A public institution has decided to conduct internal digital transformation in order to adapt to the digital environment and enable users to digitally utilize public services, with an emphasis on optimal user experience.



Significant changes have been introduced in the business. It is now based on customer focus. Accordingly, the customer experience is also adapted. Changes were introduced primarily through the optimization of business processes and organizational structure, thus opening direct channels of communication with users. Apsolon’s experts have analyzed the status and proposal of business process optimization and user travel map for each individual e-service, as well as for horizontal processes within the institution. The technical and functional specifications of digital solutions, as well as the organizational architecture of the entire institution, were created. Furthermore, the project also included strengthening of the employees digital capacity and a series of training workshops on digital business and change management.



By implementing the activities, the institution has been reorganized, business is upgraded, business processes are optimized, and partial IT solutions are integrated into a unique IT architecture. Financial and material savings have been achieved while at the same time the competence and efficiency of employees have increased. In line with EC guidelines, the six existing services were promoted from 1st to 4th level of maturity (of 5), and new, level 4, e-services were established. Form filling, authentication, payment, receipt verification, inquiries, and other services are available online, ie through multiple digital channels – computers, cell phones, service desks, and info kiosks.