Business environment improvement

how we helped Armenia jump 20 places up on the Doing Business scale



The Armenian government has decided to improve its rating on the World Bank’s Doing Business ranking, by providing easier and cheaper business and by attracting more foreign investors.



In collaboration with the US partner, Apsolon’s experts have designed “regulatory guillotine” of regulations for the purpose of inventorying all business-relevant regulations in the country and their simplification.  The project included a review of tens of thousands of documents, so for successful and efficient project implementation for Armenian public sector institutions, Apsolon has also developed an e-Guillotine ™ web application. The project lasted four years and its result was a list of recommendations for simplifying or abolishing obsolete, inefficient or illegal regulations. After the government adopted a large majority of recommendations, state institutions implemented simplifications within their competencies.



In the period from project-launch to project-end, Armenia progressed from 61rd to 38th place on the World Bank’s Doing Business scale and became a more attractive place for business and investment.