Apsolon’s EU Project Implementation Team

provides almost 100% contracted expenses payout



Project implementations, whether co-financed by EU funds or other sources, is a challenge in itself because they involve monitoring and managing different activities and stakeholders –  from the team, executives and subcontractors coordination, managing implementation and control bodies and all stakeholders in procurement procedures, to financial and accounting tracking and cash flow planning and risk management.



Apsolon’s Project Managers have extensive experience which enables them to implement the most challenging projects. Successful project implementation involves setting up an action plan, team coordination, implementation and monitoring of procurement procedures, monitoring the performance of procurement contracts and all sub-contractors, successful reallocation of funds to leverage all funds allocated, on-the-spot control assistance and meetings and communication with implementing bodies in case of EU projects, preparation and/or reports control, cash flow planning and risk mitigation.



Successful implementation of all projects conducted by Apsolon with the eligibility of expenditures of 90 to 100%.