Apsolon’s Team for Energetics

a manufacturer received over 10 milion kuna of non-refundable grants for a passive building



A successful, family-run company with many years of experience in the manufacturing industry faced a rapid increase in operating costs and resource spending due to a radical increase in production volume. For this reason, the management of the company has decided to initiate two projects: 1)core business process optimization; 2) energy efficiency and renewable energy sources investment project. However, the company did not have enough human and financial resources for the parallel implementation of both projects, particularly as the EE / RES segment is beyond their expertise.



Apsolon’s team specialized in energetics suggested a model of interim management and took over the preparation of the EE / RSE project, to enable the management to re-engineer their processes. Specifically, on the client’s behalf, Apsolon has found and selected trusted partners with the required technical resources, references, and experience, who will propose and design the technical solutions necessary for operating costs reduction. Additionally, Apsolon co-ordinated a consortium of 4 involved parties and worked together with technical partners to prepare technical project documentation, draft the main project, prepare technical specifications and choose the desired solution, and then prepare the project application needed to co-finance the project from the ESI Funds.



After successful cooperation with Apsolon, the client received more than 10 million kuna of non-refundable grants, invested in EE /RSE  solutions (renovation of building envelope, photovoltaic plant implementation, the introduction of heat pumps and lighting replacement), achieved passive building effect and thus achieved significant resource savings, with minimal engagement of its employees.