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SMARTMED project – for smart and sustainable tourism in Croatia

Jelena Brbora
 May 27, 2020.

Tourism is strategically one of the most important determinants of the Croatian economy. It does not contribute to our country exclusively from the economic aspect but also helps the promotion of its culture and goods on a global level. However, high seasonality, mass tourism, lack of capacity, and, above all, lack of cooperation between key stakeholders in recent years are the main challenges of the tourism industry. It is these segments that have been recognized by the SMARTMED project, which is carried out by the Ministry of Tourism.


Smart tourism in the Mediterranean

The SMARTMED project brings together 13 partners from 9 Mediterranean countries. Croatia will thus join Portugal, Spain, France, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Italy, Slovenia, and Greece in overcoming the aforesaid common challenges. The SMARTMED partnership will contribute to integrated tourism development planning in the Mediterranean. This will be achieved by developing and testing the Smart Tourism business model. This primarily aims to empower stakeholders to develop new products and innovations in tourism and contribute to the construction of smart Mediterranean destinations.

Smart tourism in Croatia

Apsolon, in cooperation with the Ministry of Tourism, will work on the development of a business model for the Mediterranean and provide professional support for model testing in Croatia. As part of the development of the model, six different events will be organized with key stakeholders in Croatia. Apsolon will also develop basic methodological settings for creating an analytical basis for all partners and detect pilot initiatives.


The project was prepared within the framework of the transnational European Cooperation Programme for the Mediterranean area. The program encourages innovative concepts and practices of rational use of resources and social integration. You can find out more details about the project at the link.