If loving your job is important to you, we can make it possible

Apsolon is made up of over 50 talented and ambitious consultants who contribute daily to an inspirational and creative working atmosphere and a unique corporate culture in which your ideas will be heard and you will have a chance to develop.

Apsolon is made up of people

Become a part of a team where diversity is our main strength.


In order to maintain business excellence, we build the environment with the happy people, who we support in professional development and, consequently, personal success.

Education Aware of the importance of continuous learning, we provide you the annual budget for education, workshops and conferences.
Home office Balance your private and professional life, so fell free to work from home one day a week.
Birthday Be late the day after your birthday and start with your business obligations at noon.
Work equipment With a top anatomical chair, you have a modern laptop, monitor and mobile phone with 15GB of internet, and a set of gadgets to use.
Location Work in a modern office in the city center, close to urban amenities and public transport.
Lounge A space where you can rest and relax at anytime.
Massage During high-intensity work, we offer you a professional masseuse that is available for short relaxing treatments.
Digital wheel of fortune Every other week you can win tickets for a concert, festival, museum, theater, sports match or gift certificate for a restaurant or a shop.
Compensation In addition to the competitive salary and Christmas bonus, your contribution can earn you a bonus.
We value mistakes We encourage experimentation with the aim of continually improving the established business routines and for which we will reward you for.
Innovation system The internal innovation system is designed to support you in generating and evaluating ideas and developing new products and services.
Team budget Teams are given annual budgets for socializing, birthday gifts, sports activities, buying various gadgets...

Currently opened positions

We are looking for people who are willing and determined to overcome their own expectations, and then give them a chance to surpass ours.

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